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Friday, December 31, 2004

MI Diary - Part 3

This diary thing is just not working out. I realize that I'm no Anne Frank. Or even Bridget Jones, for that matter. Above all, it’s just too boring. So, a quick round-up for the sake of closure and then we’re done. I promise.

Days 2, 3 and 4 – December 22, 23 and 24

Won both the Sports Quiz and the Entertainment Quiz pretty comfortably at MI. Thanks to these victories, we won the overall trophy in the ‘Literary Events’ category. Totally unexpected but thrilling nevertheless.

Ate at McDonald’s. The place rocks.

Visited Sachin’s. From the outside, it looked really grand and expensive but inside, it looked pretty cheap with the waiters wearing really sidey looking uniforms. There was also a souvenir shop where everything on display had ridiculously high prices. Disappointing overall.

Ate ‘Naturals’ ice-cream - another thing I love about Bombay. If you ever get a chance, you’ve got to try it - especially ‘Tender Coconut’, which has to be my favouritest ice-cream flavour of all-time. Chennai has a ‘Naturals’ parlour too, on Montieth Road but it doesn’t have all the flavours, just some of the common fruit ones.

Totally in awe of Bombay – truly one of the greatest cities of the world. It has a lot of character, and great public transport. But Chennai still rocks.

Overall, it was a totally brilliant trip, though we didn’t make too much cash. Just about managed to break even, in fact. But that wasn’t the point anyway. We had fun, and good food and that’s all that matters in the end.

That’ll do it for this stupid diary. 2005 is just a few hours away, though the spirits in Chennai have been considerably dampened (pun unintended) by the Tsunami disaster. Anyways, here’s wishing all you guys a happy and prosperous New Year. Have fun. Party hard.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mumbai rocks and you'll love it even more if you spend more than a quick weekend.. In fact, once you become part of the city, you'll feel as if you don't belong elsewhere on earth..And that includes New York which they say is equally pacy...

PS: Came thru Ramanand's blog - now know the link - Quizzing heh ;-) Dude, can you please share some of your sports quiz questions with us ? If not in publik, mail me at jupe17(at)gmail(dot)com

PPS: Isn't ti Tendulkars rather than Sachin's :-P The place sucks though !!

4:02 PM  

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