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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Happy Days!

Happiness is all around me. I'm floating in it. The Landmark Quiz 2004, the largest open quiz in India, was held the day before yesterday and we (Me, Nandan and Goach) put up a decent show finishing 4th out of 916 participating teams. Read more about it here. They got our team name wrong in the article though. It should read 'Intel Inside, Mental Outside'.

Arsenal are off to a great start this season, picking up where they left the last one. Here's to wishing them a fabulous year to come. And three cheers to Patrick Vieira for deciding to stay.

And last but not the least, today was a great day. Absolutely wonderful. For a certain reason.


Blogger Sharad said...

Is G Vinod Ji still alive ? Haven't seem him around in a while .

2:25 PM  

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