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Friday, July 02, 2004

Comfortably Dumb!

You will not want to believe what comes after this paragraph but let me assure you that the following is an actual conversation I had with one of my IMS classmates this evening. We'll refer to him as X for the sake of convenience.

Me: Hi, how was your day?

X: Not bad, I saw 'Troy'.

Me: How was it,? I heard it was pretty bad.

X: It was ok, except that the ending is pathetic.

Me: What do you mean?

X: No, it's so stupid. The good guys die and the bad guys live. (??!!!)

Me: Machan, didn't you know that at the beginning itself? That Achilles would die.

X: No, but ok, even that is bearable but the way he dies is really really dumb. Lots of arrows to his neck and all, nothing happens and then one to his foot, and he dies. (?????!!!!!!!)

Me: Duh! Haven't you heard of Achilles' Heel? That's his weak point!

X: Excuse me, what?

Me: Never mind!

X: And they use one stupid strategy da. They build this huge horse shaped monument and...

Me: Stop! That'll do. I want to watch the movie for myself. Please don't spoil the suspense!

Me: (to myself) OH MY GOD!

Yes, that really did happen. This was before the class started. So, for the entire class, I just sat and marvelled at X's infinite ignorance, all the while struggling to stifle my laughter. I'm not going to say anything else about it because I want you guys to appreciate it for its own merit.

Turning to Euro 2004 now, Portugal are through to their first major tournament final and I really hope they go on to win it. Players like Figo and Rui Costa deserve to have at least one major international trophy in their houses and this might be their last chance to do it. By the way, here's what I think is another superbly poignant photograph.

It has also come to light recently that the secret of the Portuguese fitness and success in this championship is a result of some special training. Something that is very close to India - The Bhangra, as demonstrated skillfully in this fine picture.

Now the Greeks, in this tournament, have beaten France, an on-fire Czech Republic (albeit without Nedved for the most part) and even Portugal itself in the very first game of Euro 2004. However, even after achieving all this, when the last game officially gets underway, they will still be the underdogs. I just can't make up my mind whether that's an injustice or just an irony.

Meanwhile, my suspicions about Ruud van Nistelrooy's sexual orientation (refer last post) were vindicated as he proved once and for all that I was dead on the money. Check this picture out. I can only hope for Ruud's sake that Van Der Sar doesn't get jealous!

On that rather happy (actually gay!) note, I will end this post. Till the next time, bye and take care.


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