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Sunday, March 07, 2004

They'll be there for me....

I'm sure all, or at least most of you would've watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S at some point or the other. To me it's quite simply, the greatest T.V show the world has ever seen. The characters, the dialogues and general feel of it are simply unmatched. Here are some of my fav dialogues from the show over the years,

Monica: So great! He showed me where the restaurant's going to be. It's this, it's this cute little place on 10th Street. Not too big, not too small. Just right.

Chandler: Was it formerly owned by a blonde woman and some bears?

(they're all playing poker)

Ross: Come on, show them to me. (reaches for her cards, Rachel covers them up)

Rachel: No..!

Ross: Show them to me!

Rachel: Get your hands out of there! No!

Ross: Let me see! Show them!

Chandler: Y'know, I've had dates like this.

Monica: (starting to get up) I gotta go water Pete's plants. (stops) Y'know what, if he's gonna break up with me, maybe I won't water his plants.

Chandler: Well, if he's gonna break up with you, maybe Joey and I should water his plants. If y'know what I mean.

Joey: Or ha-ha, we could go over there and pee on them.

PHOEBE: We were just wondering if Chandler's girlfriend is a girl.

JOEY: Oh, well. Just ask her how long she's gonna live. Women live longer than men.

[About breast feeding]

Ross: Look, would you guys grow up? That is the most natural beautiful thing in the world.

Joey: Yeah, we know, but there's a baby suckin' on it.

Wokay, that'll do for now. Hope you had a few laughs. Will be back tomorrow. Till then bye and take care.


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