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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Hot Couture.....

The annual inter-departmental culturals in my college is just around the corner, next week, in fact and various events have already started to happen. The funda is this, all the off-stage events happen in the week leading up to the big day and the glamourous on-stage events will take place this year on the 4th of March, which also happens to be the College Day.

So, today, I was quietly sitting in the lab, doing nothing when my peace was shattered by one of my classmates who came with an unexpected request for help. She wanted me to think up a suitable theme for the fashion show we were putting up on Culturals day. Me! Before I continue, lemme tell you that I'm the last person anybody would want involved with a fashion show but as long as I was just thinking up the theme, it was ok!

So, I put on my thinking cap and immediately, all the common cliched themes flashed in front of my eyes, you know - emotions, the elements etc and I didn't want to suggest any of those because you, know, those themes had been like abused and I just felt that it was better that we just let them rest. I wanted to do something different, wacky and make everyone go, "Whoa, that was weird! Was that a fashion show?" So, with that mindset, I thought up a theme and put it forth as my suggestion. My theme - 'Occult'.

The response was mixed. Some liked it, thinking it would be cool while others thought that it was too wacky to make any sense. I'm basically a guy who enjoys seeing nauseated expressions on people's faces, so I had like bloody mouthed vampires and decomposing bodies planned for the show. I know it sounds more like a fancy dress contest but then, most fashion shows here are, in fact, that. As of yet, people in charge are still considering the idea (however unbelievable that may sound!) while others just think that I'm a stark raving lunatic!

Speaking of lunatic, I'm a member of an e-group called Quiznet which is basically a mailing list for quizzers all over the world. People put up quizzes, info about quizzes etc and others reply and stuff. So, recently, on quiznet, one guy's started a contest called 'Cluenatic' which is a mixture of crossword and trivia quizzing. It's quite a complicated thing and I'm in no mood to go into the details but the guy who started it has said that he's going to set one puzzle for every day of the year, 365 of them! 8 of them are over and so far, 80 people out of around 5000 on quiznet have started playing the game. I'm in the lead at this early stage and it's turning out to be pretty good fun.

By the by, (that's the way Tamilians say "By the way" and I always crack up when i hear it) I'm leaving tomorrow for Coimbatore to compete in a Business Quiz that's happening there. One of the biggest names in Indian Quizing, Siddhartha Basu is going to be hosting the quiz and so, it promises to be a great event. And the first prize, not that it matters, is a pair of motorbikes! And yes, tomorrow's also the inter-departmental dumb-c contest and we're the favourites going into it. Hope we win. That's all fer now, so, till the next time, bye and take care


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I'm basically a guy who enjoys seeing nauseated expressions on people's

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